Disputes between a buyer and seller may concern earnest money, property condition or other issues. In the event of a dispute between buyers and sellers, mediation provides for an objective third-party to meet with all parties to help them reach a solution. 

Broker Consultation


While licensed as an attorney, I assisted many real estate brokers throughout the state with legal questions. I ultimately decided to put my law license inactive and focus on real estate consultation. With my extensive knowledge and experience as a real estate broker and attorney, brokers call me for guidance on various subjects that often can't be found in a rule book. Whether you're a broker looking for guidance or going through an audit or ADRE investigation, set up a broker file with Realty SME! Have peace of mind that you can call whenever you have questions or need guidance!  

Real estate is my passion! 



My passion is teaching others about real estate best practices!  Contact me for a current list of approved classes I teach for ADRE credit. 

I am available for office meetings and mastermind groups, as well.

Expert Witness


I obtained my real estate license in 2000, and my broker's license in 2003. I then graduated with distinction from the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at ASU.  After passing the Arizona bar in 2015, I practiced real estate law. I answered the Legal Hotline assisting real estate brokers throughout the state with legal questions. My unique background and education makes me a knowledgeable and qualified subject matter expert to opine on the standard of care when a real estate licensee is sued.